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frequently asked questions

The entire Soul Light Portrait experience unfolds over approximately four weeks, from the initial introduction phase to the Soul Light Portrait Session. Each experience is unique and can be scheduled to best meet your needs.

I serve as your guide and coach throughout the entire experience. We communicate via VOXER, emails, Zoom, and calls to ensure you feel fully supported. 

The Soul Discovery Session is not a predictive reading. While some predictive information may come through, the focus is on guiding you inward to help you learn how to connect with and communicate with your higher self and soul. This session is intuitive in nature and aims to provide insights into your soul energy and identity, allowing you to experience more love, light, joy, and abundance. Ultimately, it can help you live your higher purpose and be fully true to who you are meant to be.

Crystalline Soul Healing® is based in an ancient Lyran methodology developed by Jamye Price. It is an advanced process of multi-layered change that supports empowered flow. It is an alchemical healing Template that reprograms the instructions and interactions of your DNA through your Higher Self.

A Crystalline Soul Healing® session can assist you to heal patterns, misinformation and trauma that inhibit your natural, loving communication with Life. It supports your empowerment as you learn to navigate your life with more wisdom and Love.

Your Higher Self is always directing your changes into more empowered, loving flow with Life. The Crystalline Soul Healing® Template assists your human self to create change more rapidly through the natural blending of your physical (human) and non-physical (Higher Self) focus.

Crystalline Soul Healing® is a modality for the new paradigm of empowerment and healing as humanity evolves into more conscious connection with the subtle realm of creation that manifests the physical world.

I love this healing modality! I am certified as a CSH practitioner, and this is one of the most potent and successful modalities I have ever experienced.


By my mentor and teacher Jamye Price, author of the book Opening to Light Language:
“Light Language is a multidimensional language that is understood by all on a soul level. It is channeled Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light. It adjusts to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs in the moment; initiating clearing, balancing, activation, and alignment with a new vibration of Wellbeing.”

I describe Light Language as a soul to soul communication. The language of the heart as directed by your higher self. These powerful frequencies help raise your energetic vibration; unlocking your DNA and shifting you to a higher level of consciousness so you can be more of who you are. Light Language is great at clearing, healing, raising frequency, and activating your DNA.

Developing your soul awareness is a key aspect to any spiritual practice or path.

YOU ARE LIGHT. Regardless of the roles you assume or portray, you embody intelligence, consciousness, and light. This is your inherent nature—a universal truth waiting to be discovered within yourself.

You possess the ability to awaken to your true essence. By tuning in and listening to your soul’s energy, you embrace true empowerment and the profound gift of self-awareness.

Engaging with your soul’s energy allows you to manifest your inner light.

The Gene Keys® is an incredible tool for transformation and self-illumination. The entire synthesis was created by Richard Rudd.

The 64 Gene Keys themselves are the programming language of inner consciousness. One of 64 universal attributes of consciousness. Each Gene Key is a multi-dimensional portal into your inner being whose sole purpose is to activate your higher purpose and ultimately allow you to embrace your own Divinity. Your higher purpose is activated through sustained contemplation of the Gene Keys and their frequency bands. To find out more visit:

I am a Gene Keys® Guide. In the SLP experience, I guide you through the Activation Sequence so you can discover your unique genius.

What I most love about the Gene Keys® is the Gene Keys Approach.

The Gene Keys® approach invites us to develop our humility through embodying the four qualities that lie at the heart of the Gene Keys®. 
Contemplation: taking full responsibility for one’s inner state, using everyday challenges for growth and transformation.  

Inquiry: asking the profound introspective questions, inviting wisdom to come from within. Cultivating a state of calm presence in all situations. 

Gentleness: nurturing a kind and gracious approach towards self and others. Encouraging a spirit of unwinding and unlearning, versus striving and fixing. 

Patience: cultivating compassion, honesty and curiosity with an inherent trust in the underlying process.

Most of us do not feel like we are photogenic. But with 20-plus years of portrait experience, I know how to bring out your inner beauty. After meeting with me and having your Soul Discovery Session, you will start to feel more comfortable, confident, and empowered. And then, on your portrait day, my styling team will work with you so you feel confident and beautiful in front of the camera. With the proper styling, lighting, and communication we will collaborate to create a soul light portrait you love. When you trust the process and relax in the moment, all will be well.

Please fill in the contact form so we can have a meet and greet via Zoom. This will give us both an opportunity to ask questions and make sure we are a good fit for the entire experience.

Yes, you get a fine art print and digital copies to use the portrait wherever you like.

Yes! Please complete the contact form so we can discuss it.

The Soul Light Portrait experience was designed to be a complete experience, but I understand that you may be at a level where you may only need or want the Soul Light Portrait Session. Please complete the contact form so we can discuss.

Yes! I offer soul-led coaching over the phone for individuals who want to explore themselves and understand the true nature of reality. Some clients may choose to continue working with me after the initial coaching experience, while others may opt for a few sessions to focus on specific aspects of soul connection or to develop their spiritual practice before committing to the full soul-led coaching experience.

Let’s talk and make a plan. There are different ways that you can work with me remotely. Or travel to Hawai’i, or maybe I travel to you!

I am currently working on a new portfolio of soul portraits taken outdoors in beautiful Hawai’i. 

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