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About Tracy

Everything is Energy - We are all One Essence - One Consciousness

just vibrating at different frequencies...

Soul Light Experiences is the natural evolution of my soul journey at this stage of my life. All of the gifts, talents and knowledge and wisdom I have, I wish to share, in the hopes of helping other souls along their journeys. These experiences are really about empowering you to be your true, authentic self, with the higher ideal that you share your gifts, your unique genius, in service to the whole.

Our true gift to life lies in realizing our inner purpose, which acts as a guiding star toward our destiny. When we are conscious of our life's purpose, the radiance of our soul illuminates the world, and our hidden potential becomes visible and inspiring to both ourselves and others.

about Tracy Wright Corvo

My spiritual journey

Have you ever felt a moment that was so profound that it pivoted your entire existence into a new dimension?” That’s the seismic shift I experienced on the magical day of February 22, 2019.

Imagine waking up one morning to find that the essence of your being has transformed—this was my reality when I discovered I could suddenly speak Light Language. For someone born in New England and decidedly agnostic, even though my mother tried to raise me Catholic, this awakening was nothing short of miraculous. For most of my life, I lumped spirituality and religion into the same basket and avoided both.

Light Language is a form of multidimensional communication that transcends conventional language barriers, connecting directly with the soul through sound and vibration.  For me, it is the language of the soul. It’s akin to waking up fluent in a dialect of the cosmos—a concept as bewildering to me as it likely is to you.

This journey from a skeptic, rooted in science and empirical evidence, to a channel of cosmic communication has been both jarring and joyful. It challenged every fiber of my being, urging me to reevaluate my identity, beliefs, and the very fabric of reality.

Yet, amidst the upheaval, there was an undeniable sense of homecoming—a realization that there was more to this universe than meets the eye and that I was a part of this vast, interconnected web of existence.

My odyssey into the spiritual realm has not been solitary. My intuition has led me to some of the best teachers, mentors, and resources. Along the way, I’ve garnered a kaleidoscope of skills and certifications—from Reiki Mastery and  Crystalline Soul Healing® to Quantum Physics exploration and Gene Keys Guidance ®. These tools have aided my transformation and now serve as the foundation upon which I help others navigate their spiritual awakenings, connect to their souls, heal, and evolve.

Our stories, though unique, are threads in the same cosmic tapestry, intertwined by our shared quest for understanding, growth, and connection.

And as you may have experienced on your spiritual journey, however uniquely yours has unfolded, events like these can:

  • Make us question our identity
  • Alienate us from our loved ones and communities
  • Challenge beliefs that, for sometimes decades, we held as truth
  • Lead us to feel isolated
  • Sometimes, it means we must make uncomfortable changes in our lives.

Such events often guide us to seek support from someone who has been where we are and can help us light the way forward.

Through Soul Light Experiences, I aim to guide you along your spiritual transformation journey with curiosity, openness, and joy. Together, we explore the depths of your being to help you embrace your new identity, amplify your vibration, and witness life’s abundance through a lens of wonder and alignment.

My toolbox has various modalities and experiences to illuminate your path and help you discover your inner essence. Each experience I offer is selected with intention and tailored to reveal your truth, activate your potential, and usher you into the brightest, most empowered version of yourself.

And who am I beyond the spiritual guide?

I am a teacher, a photographer, a business owner, an artist, a dog mom, a wife, a friend, a light worker, an explorer, and a fellow traveler.

I am a once-would-be Bostonian who leaped into the unknown and made Hawaii my home alongside my husband and soulmate, Tom. Our adventure began in 1993 with only four duffel bags and a stereo—a testament to the serendipitous beauty of the universe’s plans.

My heart beats for exploration, be it the mysteries of water, the secrets of the Akashic Records, or the wonders of ancient cultures and galactic astrology. Every day is a new chapter in my eternal quest for truth and wisdom.

If you’re ready to embark on this transformative journey to explore the unknown with joy and camaraderie, I’m here to walk with you. Together, let’s uncover the magic of your existence and dance with the mysteries of the universe.

Discover how my journey can inspire and support yours.

Let’s illuminate your path and celebrate the beauty of this spiritual adventure together.

We are all travelers, sometimes we are the guide and other times we are the ones who need guidance.

Portrait of Woman | Soul Light Experiences | Tracy Wright Corvo | Portrait Photographer | Transformative Energy Healing | Honolulu, Hawaii

When we embrace our multidimensionality we are limitless!

Tracy Wright Corvo | Soul Light Experiences | Tracy Wright Corvo | Portrait Photographer | Transformative Energy Healing | Honolulu, Hawaii

As an explorer of consciousness, I believe…

We are all One Consciousness -
We are all Energetically Connected

Everything is energy and we are all interconnected in oneness.

When even one of us expands into more love and light, it affects everyone and everything- from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

If each of one of us plays our part and expresses our highest potential, by shining our true inner light, then we change not only ourselves but the world.

Who you are and what you do matters. The energy that you pulse out into the unified field of existence matters.

You are a unique piece in the infinite cosmic puzzle. Each of us has chosen to be here now as a player in this game of life, and planet Earth is our school.

All the answers are within you, so let’s dive deep and discover them.

There are infinite potentials, but there is only one you.

words that resonate

“I gained so much insight into myself… how I operate on a spiritual level, what my strengths and weaknesses are, and how to gently steer myself more toward the strengths and away from the weaknesses. It gave me so much to think about, from what I actually want (vs what I have been told to want by others), to how to move forward with my life in a way that is much more aligned with who I really am.”

~ Elizabeth R.

Portrait of Woman | Soul Light Portraits | Tracy Wright Corvo | Portrait Photographer | Photographic Artwork | Honolulu, Hawaii
Brand Icon Dark Blue | Soul Light Experiences | Tracy Wright Corvo | Portrait Photographer | Transformative Energy Healing | Honolulu, Hawaii

Are you ready to reclaim your Soul Magic?

Portrait of Woman | Soul Light Experiences | Tracy Wright Corvo | Portrait Photographer | Transformative Energy Healing | Honolulu, Hawaii